Marineland Accent LED Strips Donated by Elite Reef

Posted on August 14, 2012


Our next donation is coming directly from Elite Reef in the form of two Marineland actinic accent strip LEDs. These strips attach via suction cups and can be mounted just about anywhere due to the fact that they are waterproof. Each strip will go to one winning ticket to be pulled on September 15th at Elite Reef Fest 2012.

Stay tuned as the raffle prizes continue to roll in…



465nm blue  or 640 nm red LEDs

Provides light  in the correct spectral range to augment existing lighting in the aquarium. 

In-line 3 way switch

Control over the light while keeping the consumer’s hand dry.  Also allows for a night light feature. 

Energy-efficient  .06watt LEDs

energy and cost savings

Fully sealed

Unlimited opportunities for customized lighting options

Unique in frame mounting options

Provides powerful light without adding distracting fixtures on top of the aquarium

Integrated cord routing

Completes the illusion of the hidden fixture

Directional adjustment dial

Allows the consumer to direct the light where they need it

17,000 lifetime hours

Bulbs never need replacement

Low voltage, single power source

Reduced cord clutter

Flexible mounting system

Adjustable to fit your aquarium

One-year performance warranty

Quality assurance