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Raffle Tickets on Sale Now

November 8, 2014


We’re just one week out from Elite Reef Fest 2014, and today raffle tickets for this year’s PIJAC charity raffle go on sale. Tickets will be sold for $1 and will go into the raffle of your choice. Raffles so far include: $100 credit donated by Elite Reef BioCalcium two pack donated Tropic Marin Arctic […]

ERF 2011

July 30, 2011


Elite Reef Fest 2011 can’t be described by any other words than huge success. The crowds filled in the spaces outdoors and in, and everyone seemed to have a great time. Downtown Aquarium was here early and sold out about as fast as people could fit in the room. They brought huge high end SPS […]

ERF 2011 Vendors

July 28, 2011


The vendors were out in force this year at Elite Reef Fest. We had all the ones we counted on including the Downtown Aquarium, AquaMedic, Blue Diamond Aquatics and Reefuel. We were also lucky enough to get Sunshine Systems out to show off some of their new lights. It was a huge success!

Last Minute Donation

July 23, 2011


At the last minute AquaMedic decided to bump the raffle up a notch by donating twin 70 watt halide pendants complete with ballast to run both. Way to step up for the Cameroon Development Fund! Ocean Electronic Ballast is an energy conscious electronic ballast that starts softly to ensure extremely long bulb life and is now standard […]

Elite Reef Fest 2011

July 20, 2011


A lot has changed since we started planning Elite Reef Fest 2011, so I thought it necessary to get it all in one place for everyone that missed the details. Elite Reef Fest will be held on July 23rd during store hours at Elite Reef. This year we will be holding a charity raffle to benefit the Cameroon Development […]

What an Industry!

June 23, 2011


What an industry we work in! Going into this, I never thought I would run in to so many companies that are so dedicated to charity work. This has really been no work at all thanks to our amazing vendors. I am yet to have to convince a single company that they should get involved. […]

AquaMedic on Board

June 19, 2011


AquaMedic has decided to join us at Elite Reef Fest with some really great deals on lights. Don’t forget to stop by July 23rd and check out their hot deals on high end lighting.