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Seachem Chemicals Up For Grabs

August 3, 2012


Seachem is joining in for Elite Reef Fest 2012 with a healthy dose of reef aquarium chemicals including a the full line-up from their Aquavitro line and bulk sized Fusion 1 and 2 chemicals. This is shaping up to be a huge raffle, and we’re just getting started. Check back and be sure to like […]

Elite Reef Fest 2011

July 20, 2011


A lot has changed since we started planning Elite Reef Fest 2011, so I thought it necessary to get it all in one place for everyone that missed the details. Elite Reef Fest will be held on July 23rd during store hours at Elite Reef. This year we will be holding a charity raffle to benefit the Cameroon Development […]

Combo Coral Rock

July 18, 2011


TGL Consulting isn’t stopping with the Aquavitro pack. TGL is also putting up one of our amazing combo rocks. This piece has it all from clove polyps and zoas to goniopora and star polyps! It’s the perfect start to that little tank in your future… Thank you TGL for help the Cameroon Development Fund!

AquaVitro Chemical Pack

July 17, 2011


TGL Consulting is donating a full AquaVitro chemical pack to the Cameroon Development Fund’s charity raffle, and if you haven’t heard yet, these are some of the best chemicals that can be had! Historically, reef-centric product lines were established on a foundation of knowledge and developed through the assimilation of data as it arose. Understandably, […]