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AquaVitro Chemical Pack

July 17, 2011


TGL Consulting is donating a full AquaVitro chemical pack to the Cameroon Development Fund’s charity raffle, and if you haven’t heard yet, these are some of the best chemicals that can be had! Historically, reef-centric product lines were established on a foundation of knowledge and developed through the assimilation of data as it arose. Understandably, […]

Blue Diamond Aquatics

July 15, 2011


Blue Diamond Aquatics will be joining us at Elite Reef Fest on July 23rd 2011 with their usual assortment of strange and unusual invertebrates. If you’ve been looking for that choice little creature for your reef, make sure you make it down this year. For information on what will be available, visit Blue Diamond at […]

Brightwell Iodion

July 12, 2011


Another donation for the Cameroon Development Fund by MASC: Brightwell Iodion * Advanced iodide supplement for all marine fish & reef aquariums * Provides the iodine in the predominant form found in seawater * Highly-concentrated, iodide solution replenishes aquarium iodine levels Highly concentrated iodide solution offers extended activity for effective supplementation. Made of ultra high […]

EcoTech Vortech MP10es

July 10, 2011


EcoTech Marine is helping out the Cameroon Development Fund in a big way by donating a Vortech MP10es to the charity raffle. Don’t forget tickets for the charity raffles are $2 each, and they can be purchased now through the event. Designed especially for nano-reef aquariums, the MP10 ES from EcoTech Marine is a small […]

Ecosystem “Reef Solution”

July 9, 2011


Another donation for the Cameroon Development Fund by MASC: Ecosystem “Reef Solution” * Multi-purpose additive for reef or fish-only marine aquariums * Contains multiple minerals and trace elements found in natural seawater * Convenient solution for vibrant and healthy coral and saltwater fishes All-natural aquarium additive encourages polyp extensions on corals. Contains minerals, trace elements, […]